Sunday, May 1, 2011

Adding extra seating options!

Does anyone else get the Sunday night blues?! Where you really just don't want the next day to come....I am experiencing those blues tonight, I am leaving in the morning for a big trip, where I will be training a group for the first time flying solo! And to make it more nerve-racking, I will be observed by a colleague and by my boss! Soooo to get me through those blues, I wanted to post about a project I finished a few weeks ago but haven't gotten around to posting! So here it is!

A little less than a year ago, we bought a new dining room table from the flea market...we were really happy with it, but I still made a few tweaks...recovering the 4 chairs and also adding a bench to add extra seating.

The bench did help add seating but when we hosted my father in law's birthday party a month ago, I felt an extreme need for more chairs at the table! I started hunting around for extra chairs, knowing it would be hard to find exact matches, but I did find two that were close to exact! Thanks to Craigslist, I found a pair for $10!
This is a before shot of one of the chairs.

First, I painted them both gray. I know that my table is yellow, BUT these chairs will not be at the table unless there are guests over, otherwise they will be in other locations. I also wanted them to have a unique look while still blending in.

I covered both seats using dropcloth, my new go-to fabric! I wanted to give the chairs a little something I decided to stencil a fleur de lis on the seats!

I used freezer paper for the first time, and I was so happy with the outcome ( I know I have posted freezer paper projects before this but this project was my first attempt at using it!). I traced my design onto the freezer paper, cut it out, and ironed the paper stencil onto the seat. Next, I filled in the stencil with paint!

 When I peeled the freezer paper off, I was SO pleased with the outcome! It works amazingly!

 Here is the finished product!

 One of them will be in the guest room until needed.

The other is in the dining area corner ready to use!

This project was soo cheap and easy! I am excited about the results! I'm sure I will be too busy while I am away to blog again this week! I'll be back this weekend!

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  1. looks great! nice job! I am redoing 6 dining chairs and need inspiration! How is the dropcloth working? is is sturdy enough?