Friday, October 15, 2010

Some things just don't need fixing...

Today was a crazy day around here but I still managed to get some work done and  make some progress with my sitting area, there are some things I still want to tweak but here it is:
I didn't do anything to the chair other than clean it up a bit, and add the cushion and pillow. I painted the table a light shade of green, because I just love green, as you can see by the cushion. Now I am just in search for the perfect ottoman to go with it!

I also found two tables on Craigslist that I think are worthy of posting. They are both listed at $40 which is a little high to me but you can talk most people down :)
 This rustic little beauty can be found here: Some of you are thinking, "Really Katie?" but I think it is perfect just the way it is. It has so much character and I love the old barn wood look of it.

I think this one is also great as is, because like I said, I love green! It looks like it is in great condition as well.

This last find is from They have tons of awesome handmade and antique things. I thought this sconce was really cute and extremely affordable, only $8! That isn't including S&H costs.
The sad part is that there is only one, and there are just some things you prefer in a pair, and this is one of those for me.

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  1. Wow, the white table that looks really old is one I had been looking at on craigslist for a few days... so funny! Ive been considering it for a coffee table, but not too sure since im not certain what kind of flooring we are gonna do. But your right, the price is a bit high, I found a huge dinning room table in great shape for the same price...
    Mrs. Heimbecker