Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I hear the mountains calling my name...

So excited to be heading to Black Mountain in the morning with the Nail ladies! 
I could really use a break from a few things!

I have completed my sitting area :) 
I went with a neutral cream color fabric on my ottoman to keep things simple.

One of my finds tonight is on Craigslist
It is a "Pie Rack" that I think could be perfect in any kitchen or dining area for dishes. 
(Blair- this made me think of what you've been wanting!)
 The description says it is blue and white but it definitely does not appear to be those colors in the picture.
It would be so easy to repaint and add new hardware to dress it up a bit! 
They are asking $45 for it, which I think is a great deal!

This cute little cabinet is $42 and is for sale on Etsy.
It is actually a light shade of pink and it has a mosaic on the top. 
The Etsy listing shows more images.
This cabinet can be hung on the wall or can sit on another shelf or table.

Thanks for reading! :) More to come next week.
Oh, and Dad, yes, I am centering all the text just to drive you crazy :)

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