Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finding the diamond in the rough...

So since I am an avid Craigslist, Flea market, and Thrift store shopper, I have decided to blog about good finds and give my opinion on how I would fix it up if I were to buy it. Up to this point, I have been buying everything I see value in and fixing it up but, we are running out of space around here. This way I won't have to give up my hobby of thrifty shopping but pass on the good finds to others!

If I do happen to make a purchase (which I have made 2 this week!) I am going to post the before and after pictures as well! This week I bought a chair and a little table to create a sitting area in our bedroom.

 My $15 Craigslist find!- The purple cushion was the first to go!
My $5 Table from Craigslist!
When the I am finished touching up these lovely pieces I will post the updated pics!

This entryway bench would be so cute repainted, with a cushion on it, some hooks hanging above it for keys and jackets. Could also be used for a TV stand. Only $25.
  According to the owner this is originally from PierOne. I think it is a great deal at $300. It includes the 4 chairs, table, and hutch. It looks great as is but at that price you could do some painting to make it match your home. 

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