Sunday, October 17, 2010

A little Sunday shopping anyone?

I have two great chair finds today!!! These are hard for me not to go after myself!

This first chair is originally from PierOne and you could use them anywhere, living room, dining room, sunroom, seriously anywhere! I love this style of chair and the price is too perfect!
 There are two of these chairs for sale here:
They are $25 a piece of both for $45.

I love this next set too, there are four of these Rattan chairs available but you don't have to buy them all!
They are asking $20 per chair, this is another great deal!

Yesterday I found my almost perfect ottoman from a local thrift store.
Yes it is a rocking ottoman and my chair does not rock, but who cares!? It was only $7!
 I also found fabric at the same thrift store for $3 and I am recovering this baby as soon as I get my hands on a staple gun! Will post when it is finished!

During the same trip to the thrift store, I found this beauty. 
 My good friend Allie has been wanting a window to put in her bathroom for a while now and I am hoping this is what she had in mind because I am sending it her way today! I am excited to see how she will use it and what she will put with it, so if she will allow, I want to post after pics of this too!

Happy Sunday Everyone! Go Vikings!

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