Monday, February 4, 2013

Entryway Mud Closet: Part 1

Last year at this time I fell in love with The House of Smith's entryway closet makeover. They transformed a closet in the entrance of their home into a nook to organize and store typical "mud room" or "command central" items.

 photo EntrywayClosetMudroommakeover-thehouseofsmithscom_zpse38eec1e.jpg

I was immediatey inspired by their makeover and started thinking about how we could do something similar. We have a closet right by our front door that would be perfect for this type of transformation. We aren't going to be able to widen the space any, so I started looking for some smaller closet transformations and I found another awesome one by House Tweaking!

 photo july-11-pic-e1280520105489_zps6358bd71.jpg

This past weekend we began the process of transforming our closet by cleaning out and painting the closet. We took down all of the previous shelving and hanging bars to completely start from scratch.

Here is my hubby hard at work prepping the closet:
 photo A5861116-955E-4835-B0EA-2DFC411E5DD3-6064-000005D5A2708333_zps0d33a0ae.jpg
 photo 6E245D43-4BF1-417B-8F3A-82D5286C175A-6064-000005D59EE798C8_zpsf604f4ee.jpg

Here is a quick shot of the closet with a coat of paint... photo 096FFED5-116B-4515-B396-9B28C0BFF941-6064-000005D579152769_zpse9f7006c.jpg

Here it is completely painted! We used the same Sherwin Williams 
Mindful Grey that we used in our bedroom!
 photo 28C805BA-842E-4AC1-8650-05F8615CD1B5-6064-000005D51F01D1B1_zpsc269b4a8.jpg

This weekend, my parents are coming into town to celebrate my birthday and we are going to tackle the rest of the project together! I LOVE working on projects with my mom, she has such a great eye for design and is so creative! She helped me revamp our Master Bedroom last year. You can also her style HERE!

I can't wait to share the finished closet with you next week!!!

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