Sunday, February 3, 2013

DIY Beachy Pillows

My in laws recently bought a beach house and have been working hard to get it completely furnished and decorated!

To keep the costs low, my mother in law and I decided to make some decorative pillows without much investment. We did purchase one yard of fabric from the sale section of Other than that, we used dropcloth and paints that I already had on hand. We also used old decorative pillows from my in laws home as the inserts!
 photo 999E06D2-E612-430C-9AF8-AD2C596F411B-6064-000005D57509488E_zpse39b280c.jpg

Using the items we already had made this a cheap project!

We used lots of freezer paper to create stencils of anchors and shells...then ironed the stencils onto the drop cloth.
 photo 091CB23B-19DA-4F43-AA1D-927C3CEED539-6064-000005D59667DBF8_zps1e99978a.jpg
 photo E541A4C6-1DA6-4B83-9955-C8134AD33025-6064-000005D580DD4364_zpsc74513ae.jpg
 photo 19650B94-2212-48EC-9A17-7F153308EB1B-6064-000005D57C6EDD53_zps6954ee34.jpg
 photo AB483E15-277F-4887-B701-14D204CC10E7-6064-000005D55EBD67BD_zps244a7ce9.jpg

Once the paint dried, we peeled off the stencils and we sewed the pillows! For a full tutorial on using freezer paper stencils, click HERE!

 photo B2FE53B1-B9B2-4845-A962-2917206A3C14-6064-000005D558CF9094_zps53c465f3.jpg
 photo B0BF068E-CD2D-4BC5-B93C-82BBB45C4DE9-6064-000005D54E8DD666_zps8dff1364.jpg
 photo 2AA21E6A-DE11-4339-83B5-25D8524D9218-6064-000005D528DC2A14_zps6deed1ac.jpg
 photo 60E8C86A-1886-4713-AD5F-07171AD8D492-6064-000005D52280CEDD_zps1eda7b3e.jpg

I can't wait to see the pillows once she takes them to the beach house!!

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