Monday, February 13, 2012

Washer Bracelets- Guest Post!

 I am writing from Atlanta this evening. I am in town for a conference. I am excited to be heading home tomorrow! Once I am back home and settled in, I want to share all of the fun birthday surprises and fun times I had last week with you....which explains why I have been MIA!

Two of my VERY best friends made some beautiful washer bracelets and I asked one of them, Sarah, to write a guest post showing how they made them! Sarah is going to take it from here! Enjoy!

So, I am not good at writing blog posts, but I told my dearest Katie I would write a post about a bracelet I made with my other dear friend Allie!

Ok, so like everyone these days I got my idea off pinterest.

I used a tutorial from Tiny Sparkly Things to learn how to thread the ribbon, but we decided to make ours into bracelets instead of a necklace like the one on this site.

This bracelet was super quick to make…that is after figuring out how to thread! Haha that took a little while for us to figure out but once we did it took no time to actually make!

Here is what you need:
~Ribbon (we used ½ inch tan/cream satin ribbon)
~Washers (you can get these at any home improvement store and maybe even Walmart) we used sizes 5 and 6.

I would highly recommend looking at the tutorial on Tiny Sparkly Things to learn how to thread the washers.  She even has step-by-step pictures!

We used 3 size 5 washers on the ends and then 3 size 6 washers in the middle.

Make sure you cut a good amount of ribbon to start with because when you thread it you use a good amount. You will want to make sure you give yourself more then you think you’ll need! We did not give ourselves quite enough ribbon to tie in a bow so we just tied ours in a double knot to wear, but if you leave more ribbon and tie a cute bow.

When you are done and have cut the end of the ribbons, take a match or lighter and lightly burn the edges to keep the ribbon from fraying. Don’t hold the flame too close or it will burn and turn brown… just close enough for it to melt a little.

Here are some pictures of how ours turned out:

Allie working hard threading the washers...

Allie’s final product!! So cute!

My final product!

Allie wore hers to work the next day and got tons of compliments! They are just fun and different! You could also make a necklace if you wanted but we decided that a necklace might get a little heavy and we thought a bracelet would be cute!

Thanks for reading! Enjoy!!