Thursday, February 2, 2012

AVenue Thrift

So for starters, I have an awesome brother....seriously the coolest, kindest, sweetest brother. He is a recent college grad (turned 23 yesterday!) and is starting a lot of exciting new ventures! He is moving to DC later this month for a new job that we are all really excited about!

Here we are together in NYC last year...isn't he so cute?!

As different as we may seem, he and I have a lot in thing in particular is our love for thrifting. He is officially a professional thrift store shopper. He has all the qualities of a great thrifter: lots of patience, taking time to really dig and find great stuff and a great eye for unique finds.

He even found me a set of these awesome chairs for my Christmas gift this year....they are going to rock my patio this Spring/Summer!

He has a rather large inventory of great thrifty much so that he decided to set up shop and sell some of his great finds. He opened up AVenue Thrift on Etsy just a few weeks ago and has already made a few sales! His tagline is: "We sell great vintage finds and up-cycled creative creations so you can give new life to old items." Pretty cool, huh?

He will continue to add his awesome finds to share them with us on his store's site.

Go check out AVenue Thrift!


  1. Just Awarded you the Versatile Blogger award over at Love your blog!

  2. awe don't you just love brothers! i don't know what i would do without mine!