Thursday, December 30, 2010

Make your own serving tray!

This past Fall I went to craft fair with my mom and found a great craft idea! A woman was selling serving trays that were made out of two plates and a candle holder. I decided to try it myself, the first one I made turned out well so I decided to make them as gifts. Now that all of my gifts have been given, I wanted to share the idea with everyone! The pictures below show my final products!

All you need is two plates, the top one being smaller than the bottom one. I bought clear candle holders from AC Moore and used CLEAR gorilla glue to attach them all to each other. I emphasize "clear" because the regular Gorilla glue is a gross brown color and since the candle holders are clear and the glue also expands and grows onto the plate, therefore the clear glue is much better looking! Trust me! I recommend attaching the candle holder to the top plate first, letting it dry and then attaching it to the bottom plate. I tried it different ways and this proved to be the easiest!

My friend Allie has also made candle holders by using tiny plates on top of the candle holders and putting a candle on the plate. It is such a cute look and adds some height to your candle decor! I am making one for myself soon!

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