Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am normally a stickler for waiting til after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas, but since Gabe and I will be in New York then, we decided to go ahead and get started and I am loving it :)
I wanted to write about a few decorating ideas I have and show what I've got so far.

 I really think the simpler the better, and this little bowl of ornaments is extremely simple to do but adds lots of color. I used a small fish bowl like vase and filled it with small ornaments that I bought from Walmart for a few dollars per box.
 While my parents were in town this weekend, my mom and I made wreaths. I guess I should say that we decorated wreaths because we bought the artificial wreaths from Target, and just used ribbon and ornaments to decorate. We attached everything with ornament hooks, so that we can change out the ornaments and ribbon next year.

For my dining table center-piece I decided to use another Target wreath and a candle on a pedestal.

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Black Friday shopping ! and Happy Decorating! more to come after we return from NYC!

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  1. I love the wreaths. My roommates and I were talking about making them but didn't know how we should on a budget! You are so crafty!