Sunday, November 14, 2010

I've done a little shopping of my own...

So I couldn't resist and just had to go buy the Shutter shelving piece that I posted in my last blog! Allie Marie and I went out and got them earlier this evening. As you can tell, I haven't put anything on it yet, seeing as it has only been in the house an hour....but we did find a good place for it! I am pretty excited about it and looking forward to decorating the shelves soon!
Although our kitchen table isn't an extremely recent purchase, I still wanted to show it. We found the table with the four chairs at the flea market a month or so ago. The reason we bought a new one was that we wanted seating for 6....this table only came with 4 I decided to hunt for a bench. I found the bench on Craigslist a few days later and then recovered all of the chairs and the bench with matching fabric. I'd say its one of my favorite purchases and projects so far. After selling our old table, we ended up breaking even, even after buying fabric and the bench, which added to the excitement of it all!
 Today Blair, Laura and I went to the flea market. Blair has been using Ball Jars as her canisters to hold sugar, flour, etc. So many people were selling them today and we found the kind that had the air tight seals, for $3 and each got one. I haven't decided what to use mine for yet but I just love them, and what a great deal. I love Blair's idea of using them as canisters too!
I don't have any finds to share tonight but hope to have more up soon! Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week!

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  1. OMG I am obsessed with Mason Jars!!! I just love the blue color too!