Monday, August 13, 2012

Old door...New rug

I wanted to share a few new decor items with you! I have had this old door for a month or so now and this weekend, Taylor helped me decide where to put it. I am really loving the texture and rustic look this door adds to our dining area!

Taylor also picked up an Ikea rug for me that I have been wanting! It found a home at the foot of our bed!

I love having new things to change up the look of our home and make it even cozier! What do you think of our additions!?


  1. The rustic door looks awesome in the dining area! Perfect place! Your last picture of the rug against your reading corner and dresser looks amazing! Love all the different shades of blues working together in your space!

  2. Love the door. I'd love to have one, but honestly don't know where I would put it. Yours is in the perfect spot. Great rug too!

  3. Love your style! I am also a little jealous your in NC! LOL Found you via and liked you on FB plus I'm following your blog. YAY! Three Mango Seeds

  4. Examine the entrance where there door mat will be placed. Consider a decorative door mat if the entrance to your home needs something homey and welcoming.