Monday, November 7, 2011

Vegas Vacation

Last week Gabe and I went to Vegas for the first time. I had a conference for work and my boss was nice enough to invite the hubby to come along. Even though I was busy during the day we managed to cram in a lot in the evenings! We are definitely going back, we really enjoyed ourselves!

Check out some awesome pictures of our trip taken by our friend Bud!

Gabe and Bud went climbing at Red Rock Canyon while Sarah and I were working one day.

Gabe and I on the strip...

We made a trip to Gold and Silver Pawn, home of the PawnStars. It was AWESOME! We did not see any of the crew that is on TV but we were expecting that.

Another shot of Gabe and I....the guy on the right cracks me up.

The inside of the Cosmopolitan was really snazzy and sparkly...Sarah and I posed under some of the jewels...

We went down to Freemont Street (the old Vegas strip) and the guys ziplined down can see them flying through...

We contemplated getting married again at this adorable wedding chapel!

We went to the Venetian....where the ceilings are painted to look like the sky...

The fountain show at the Bellagio is breathtaking!

I brought my camera but somehow never used it. All of my personal shots were from my they are...

I am now in Houston for another busy work week! I hope to get some projects done this weekend and get back to sharing ideas with you soon! Have a great week!

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  1. I went to Vegas with Ashley last spring break and went to all of the same places! It is awesome! We should all take a girl's trip there!! I love you and miss you like crazy! I will be in Charlotte on Jan. 2nd and would love to see if you and Julie could drive in for dinner. I will send out a facebook message to everyone. Give that sweet puppy a hug for me...he is too cute!!