Saturday, July 2, 2016

Hearth Cushions

As I mentioned in my previous post, our new home has two fireplaces. They are solid brick with hearths that come about a foot off the ground.  I really love the hearths, but they really pose a safety risk for our little ones.

After we moved I was searching Amazon (my go to for just about everything) for hearth padding. I ordered a set to try out on our playroom hearth and for another hearth it may perfect but to me it seemed like it would do nothing to protect my little guys if they had a fall.

(You can see the thin pads under my little man here)

My genius mom came up with the idea of a full hearth cushion. This option would cover all of the brick and even turn the hearth into extra cozy seating in each room.

I wish I could say I was handy enough with a sewing machine to pull this project off but I'm not. I placed a custom order with our good friend, Katie (I'm actually named after her!), who is an amazing seamstress (check out her Etsy shop: )

Katie helped me find a local foam shop that cut the foam to size for me. She also helped me figure out how much fabric I would need, which I then ordered from (my fabric go to site).
(Here's our foam before Katie covered it!)

Once I had the materials ready, Katie got started and I couldn't be happier with the end product!! 

We've had these on our hearths for about 3 weeks now and we sit on them all the time. I love knowing that there is a much softer place to land if someone bumps up against the hearth now.

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