Thursday, July 14, 2016

Adorable Cart with Multiple Purposes

Earlier this summer we went to the beach with my parents and my mom and I shopped around the island one day. We found an adorable rolling cart at a local shop.

have also found them for sale online but they are cheaper typically if you can find them at a shop... HERE is an online option!

I wanted to share three neat ways to use a rolling cart like this in your house!

1: Toy storage- in this case I used it for oversized toys that don't fit in the bins and on the shelves we have.

2: Blankets and pillows- I always like to have extra pillows and blankets around and this is a cute way to store them. 

3: Laundry! This is what I use it for the most. Our laundry room is on the same floor as our playroom and I love filling the cart up and then rolling it to the couch to fold it all!

It's helpful to have a place large enough to store the cart while it's standing but it does collapse down pretty flat and could be stored much easier that way! It has such a nice vintage look, that it's easy to store out in the open.

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