Sunday, July 15, 2012

Green and Blue Baby Shower

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of co-hosting a baby shower for two friends that are 6 weeks apart in their pregnancies....they are both having boys....and both boys will be named with the letter "G". Now that I have set the stage...check out the shower pics!

We set up a station for decorating/signing burp cloths for each baby!

The shower was at 10 AM, which called for a "brunch" menu. We had a yogurt bar with two yogurt types, fruits, and granola...

We had two different types of muffins....notice the "G"s!

We made mini omelettes in muffin tins! They were yummy!

We set up a gift station by the door for the guests to drop their diapers and cards!

Here are the lovely mothers with the whole food set up!

Decorating burp cloths...

We also played with the Art Bellies app for iPads and start by taking a picture of the mother-to-be in a profile view so you can capture her belly....and then you use the app to trace the belly and turn it into your own piece of art. We enjoyed seeing the masterpieces that were created!

We had such a great time celebrating the arrival of the boys! Can't wait to meet them!!!


  1. You are seriously the hostest with the mostest!!! I loved it all!!!!

  2. It was a beautiful shower, Katie. Thank you so much for spoiling us. :) (PS I have total pregnancy face in those pictures. Hello facial swelling...)

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