Sunday, July 29, 2012

DIY Record Bowls- Bachelorette Weekend!

This weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a Bachelorette Party for my cousin, who is getting married next weekend! We had such a great time and made quite a few things in the 24 hour period we were together.

We went to a local pottery shop and painted some pottery, we made washer bracelets, headbands with fabric flowers (we followed a tutorial from Shabby Chic Chicks), and record bowls! Here are a few shots of what we made....keep scrolling for a tutorial on how to make your own record bowls!


What you need...
  • Records- these can be purchased at most thrift stores or antique malls for less than a dollar!
  • Oven- preheat to 245 degrees
  • Cookie sheet and a glass bowl
How to make them...

1. Place your glass bowl face down on the cookie sheet and place one record on top of the bowl and place it in the oven...

2. Watch the record closely and pull it out when it has melted some and begins to fall around the bowl...

3. As SOON as you pull it out, you will want to start shaping your bowl! It is will cool and harden quickly so you have to move fast! Warning---they will be hot to the we pinched and shaped quickly with out holding it too long (gloves would be ideal here!)

4. Keep reshaping and holding it until it completely cools...

5. OPTIONAL- Spray paint the outside of the bowl! TIP- Make sure you tape over the hole so that the paint doesn't reach the inside of the bowl! We painted ours blue!

I am using mine to hold our remotes on our coffee table!

A special thanks to Vanessa for teaching us how to make these awesome bowls

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  1. Loving the record bowl! So cool! I might just have to try it for John's office!