Monday, March 12, 2012

Music Notes on Canvas

As some of you may remember, my birthday was last month and for my birthday, my wonderful sister in law, Blair, made me a beautiful piece of art. She put the music notes from our first dance on  a canvas. I love the constant reminder of our wedding night and our beautiful first dance. I have asked Blair to give us some insider info on how she made it...take it away Blair!

Thankfully someone created Pinterest, which means for people who are crafty, you’ll never run out of ideas of things to create. I can’t tell you how many times I run across something that I say to myself, “I can make that!” So for Katie’s birthday I decided to make something I found from Pinterest that I had been wanting to make. The blog this pin originated from is Scout & Nimble and let me just say this woman is awesome! She has a lot of “do-able” projects.

The song I chose is Katie and Gabe’s first dance song. You can find most popular sheet music at The blog had such good instructions, I followed it exactly. This is such a fun, quick activity (I hate waiting to put stuff together) that it can be put together in a day with all the materials handy.

Here are the materials you will need:
  • A Canvas
  • An open wood frame fitting the size of your canvas. 
  • Mod Podge
  • foam brush
  • old phone book or newspaper, torn into long strips
  • tea bag steeped in a little water
Please check out Scout and Nimble's tutorial for instructions on making your own!

Thanks Blair! I am thinking this would be a great post-wedding gift idea or an anniversary present. I know that our mother in law is already reminding Blair of their wedding song :) Thank you Blair for such a thoughtful birthday gift and for leading us to a great tutorial!

Here it is in our home...

Happy Monday!!!


  1. It looks really cute! I love your house by the way, yellow, gray, and aqua is a beautiful combo.

  2. What a wonderful idea! You could probably do that with anything like pictures, old letters, etc. Would be a fun project to be creative with!

  3. Oh, you don't know how happy it makes me to see this!!! Katie, you have one wonderful sister in law and the music art looks wonderful in your house! Blair, you did amazing and I am so thrilled that you took the project on! Thank you so much for sharing!!!