Saturday, August 20, 2011

Monogram Letters- August Craft Night

Last night we had our August Craft Night! It was so much fun! I decided on a really simple craft that would look great in any home...letters. To prep for the craft, I bought a letter for each person attending from AC Moore. Then, I gathered different materials as decorating possibilities: paper, fabric, buttons, moss, hemp,etc and with some modge podge and glue guns, we were ready to go.

Here we are with our letters BEFORE:

 Here are our AFTER pics:

Kara covered her "S" with some scrapbook paper that was a beautiful gray and white design. She also decorated a "C" for a friend, and covered it with buttons! They both turned out great!

Sarah covered her "E" with the song lyrics to her first dance with her hubby (isn't that so sweet?!). She just typed up the lyrics, printed them out and traced her letter onto the printed sheet, cut it out, and used ModgePodge to attach it to the letter.

My idea for my letter was completely stolen from a good friend's wedding decor. At her wedding, they had letters for their initials (T&B) and letters to spell out LOVE and they were all covered in torn book pages. I loved the look of them and decided to tear up the pages of an old book and used ModgePodge to put them on my "N". (Thanks Tay for the inspiration- I know you aren't surprised that I tried it myself!)

Erin started her letter by tearing different scrapbook paper styles into strips. She then "ModgePodged" (yes, that is now a verb) them on to her letter one at a time, each one slightly overlapping the previous. Once her entire "D" was covered (several hours later- haha) she Modgepodged over the entire thing.

We really enjoyed our second Craft Night, already thinking of ideas for next month! We may start exploring other ideas, like a photography night (we have two pros in the group) where we can learn photo taking tips and editing tips. Also thinking of going out of the house for a pottery night or a Wine and Design night! Do any of you have craft nights with your crafty friends? I would love to hear more ideas!!!

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  1. How fun!! Y'all look like you all had a blast! I hope I have a good group of girls like that after I tie the knot one day!