Saturday, January 29, 2011

Trellis Coat Rack

I have been wanting a coat rack for a while now. When my dear friend, Emily, was over this week, she said "where should I hang my coat? If you don't have a cute place to hang my coat, that should be your next project!" Thanks to Emily's extra push in the right direction, I started to shop online for a coat rack....I was actually looking for a standing coat and hat tree but I stumbled upon this little beauty on JC Penney's site and loved the idea, I just didn't love the price, so I decided to make it myself! Read more to see how!
 I started out with the supplies below. The trellis was really easy to find, Home Depot has many different options but I went with the 4 foot one, it seemed to be the best fit for the spot I had in mind. I decided to only put 3 hooks on mine ( I liked the idea of adding more but I wanted to keep my costs down, those puppies are $3/ea and it adds up fast! If I find some cheap knobs later, I may add them to the bottom for purses!) and I found those at Home Depot as well. I used white spray paint as my base coat but used a wood stain pen that I already had to add a worn look to the edges.

After painting the trellis, Gabe helped me screw the hooks onto the trellis. We put the screws through the sections of the trellis that had two layers of wood, otherwise, the screw is too long and goes past the back of the wood. We then used 2 screws to hang it on the wall near our front door!  I am sooo happy with the outcome! I really love this trellis look, I think it would look great without the hooks, just hanging on the wall....maybe vertically down the hall or above your bed in place of a head board....the options are limitless!

(Click on the picture to make it larger!)
I did a little price comparison to show how cheap this was to make. If you use 6 hooks it adds another $10, so it would be closer to $40 to make, but that is still a great deal!  It is always exciting to make something yourself and  save money in the process!

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  1. LOVE IT! What a cute idea! Love your craftiness AND you!