Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ottoman Coffee Tables

While out shopping this past weekend I noticed that many stores are selling bench like ottomans. I think they are a great option to use in the place of a coffee table. With a tray on it, it gives stability for drinks but the fabric top gives a comfy place for your feet. My friends, Allie and John, and My parents have recently purchased bench ottomans for their living rooms. They both found great deals on them for under a hundred dollars. The ones I saw while I was out this weekend were all over $150 and none that I saw came with a tray.

My parents bought theirs at Costco for $80 and it came with a tray to put on top.

Allie and John found theirs at Kohls for around $85 and it came with two trays (though only one is shown in the pic below)!

Walmart has one for sale on their website and it has great reviews. It is $79 with free shipping to the store. You can see it here.

I think these are all really great deals, really functional, and such a cute style! They all have tops that lift up with storage space underneath. If our coffee table wasn't so new, I would definitely be buying one!

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