Thursday, July 9, 2015

4th of July Party

My mom throws THE BEST parties ever. She is so creative and I love her style. I really do want to BE her in all the ways possible, but especially in her hosting capabilities. 

This past weekend we were visiting my parents for the 4th and they threw a party for their friends. I snapped some pics for future party inspiration and I wanted to share those here! Enjoy!

She set up her bar on their screened-in porch, easily my favorite place in the house.

The mantle on the porch was also festive

We set up for the food outside but sadly it rained and we had to move it all in. 
I did manage to snap some pics before the rain came. 

Every little detail is so cute and festive!

There's my cute dad, grilling the food!

Back to the porch..

Festive appetizers...

I loved the way she set up and decorated! 

Here are some pics of my people...
My boys!

My dad, Noah, and me!

Noah and my dad!

Noah with my dad and mom!

Noah on the move

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend!

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