Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We Painted Our House!!!

OK, so WE didn't paint it, we had someone else do it, but STILL, I LOVE IT!!!

I have never really been all that crazy about the color of our house. I didn't mind the cream siding but the orange shutters and door were not my thing. I have never done much with orange, I don't think you can find a dot of it IN our house, but it was a big part of the exterior look of our home.

We finally decided to bite the bullet and have it painted. Last week, while I was away for work and then a wedding, they painted it!!!

Here is a before picture:
 photo null_zps4c4011de.jpg

Here are many after pictures:
 photo null_zpscd9e9ed9.jpg  photo null_zps6a76b30c.jpg  photo null_zps46f9ceae.jpg  photo null_zpse47d6661.jpg  photo null_zpsf57e1af1.jpg  photo null_zpsc623702c.jpg
 photo null_zps8e691af1.jpg

I am IN LOVE with it! I honestly don't think the pictures do it justice! I was really nervous about the bright yellow door but I really do love how it pops off the house and gives it a unique look.

I can't wait to update the front porch furniture with coordinating pillows and a fresh coat of paint for my chippy chairs :)

I'll leave you with a baby bump update! This was me over the weekend in the mountains...i'll hit 23 weeks tomorrow!

 photo null_zps681a900b.jpg

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