Thursday, October 20, 2011

DIY Coasters- October Craft Night

Tonight was our October craft night! We made our own coasters. This was an extremely simple craft, which suited us well, we were all pretty wiped out and silly due to exhaustion :)

We started with blank tiles from Home Depot that were 16 cents each...

We then each spent a considerable amount of time deciding how to decorate them. Once we chose our scrapbook paper, we cut it to the size of the coasters and used modgepodge to glue the paper to the tile. With a thin layer of modgepodge directly on the tile, you can easily place your paper down and smooth out all bubbles...

Sarah put stickers on her Christmas themed coasters after gluing her paper on...

Once we had everything on our coasters, we sealed them first with a topcoat of modgepodge.

Next, we hot glued 4 felt pads onto the bottom of each tile to protect our table tops from the rough tiles...

Lastly, we sprayed an even layer of polyurethane to the top of each coaster to make them waterproof. (Notice that this step was done outside- that stuff stinks and could probably make you pass out if used in an enclosed area)

With the help of yummy desserts (cinnamon roll cake and gluten free chocolate chunk cookies), a little wine and coffee, we finished our coasters! Check out everyone with their finished products:

 Sarah's Christmas coasters

Allie's funky flower coasters

 Kara's polka dot coasters

 Erin's orange patterned coasters

Mica's paisley coasters

Once mine we nice and dry, I wrapped them with some twine, and tied on a little paper tag. How cute are these as a gift?! Mine are going to be a little thank you gift!

I am off to Black Mountain after work tomorrow for a weekend away! That means no project posts coming up til next week! Hopefully there will be a thrifty find posts because there will definitely be shopping!


  1. oh that looks like so much fun! i want to try!

  2. Yay Katie I finally found your blog!! :)
    Thanks so much for hosting're an awesome craft lady. ;)

  3. Too Cute! I love them! I made paint chip coasters a while back
    But I've been wanting to try again with scrap booking paper!