Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy new year! I am finally digging myself out of the holiday chaos!

This pregnancy has been kicking my butt. Not than its been more tough than the first, I just use all my spare time to lay on the couch instead of creating or decorating :)

I am getting into more of a nesting mode and I've been making a few things for the baby!

I stitched 3 hoops for his woodland nursery...

I purchased these embroidery patterns from Lova Handmade on Etsy! I tweaked them a bit to just use the animal because I wanted it super simple.

I also used heat transfer vinyl and my trusty Silhouette to make him a few onesies... Thanks Kait for the design idea!

I've also been adding more plants to our house to freshen things up. It's such a fresh addition to start off the new year. I always struggle with what to do after taking down all our Christms decor and the fresh plants are making me happy!

I've been planting succulents and house plants in mugs and canisters and in a terrarium.

The terrarium is my favorite!! I found it last weekend while visiting my bestie, Tay!

I found some awesome tutorials on planting terrariums but had a really hard time finding all of the needed layers this time of year. I decided to wing it and put rocks on the bottom, potting soil, plants and then a thin layer of more rocks. Hopefully it will live!