Saturday, September 7, 2013

Baby Fan!

 There are a few things we would love to change about our house... some big expensive things and some smaller and cheaper things. One thing that I have been itching to change for a while is our kitchen lighting fixture. Our previous fixture was a large florescent light shown below. Nothing crazy wrong with it, just a large clear blob that caught every bug and put it on display :)

The before pic below isn't immediately before, in the excitement of it all, I didn't think to snap a this is a little outdated...

Over Labor Day weekend, I saw that Home Depot was having an online sale and I started looking through the lighting section! I found an awesome baby fan that is made for small rooms. We thought it would be awesome in the kitchen! It is only 24 inches in diameter, so it is tiny and I LOVE IT!

The hubs worked really hard on hanging it perfectly in our kitchen...


I think it is so cute! Since it took away our large florescent light, it definitely changed the lighting in the kitchen. Ofcourse I knew this would happen but had to do some readjusting of lamps so that lighting is evenly distributed again :)

I'm so happy with the change and with the Labor Day Sale, it was a steal! :)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Living Room Shelf Makeover!

Last week the hubs and I decided to make a big change in our living room. The wooden shelves that sit on each side of our fireplace were in need of a change. We had been flirting with the idea for a while and finally bit the bullet last week and painted them! I never realized how much they pulled your eye away from the rest of the room until they were painted. Now they blend in so nicely and I love the change! Check out the before and after pictures below!