Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Printable

Happy December! I can't believe it is only 25 days til Christmas! I have a lot of shopping and creating to do before then! To get us all ready for the holidays...I made a little printable I wanted to share with you. Feel free to print it to frame or just stick on your fridge.

Growing up, one of my favorite songs that my family would sing was "Christmas is a time to Love". Combining that song with one of my favorite things, Chevron, I came up with this printable.

I hope you like it and use it!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bahama Mama

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving!

I got to spend Thanksgiving Day with my in laws, we had a great meal with Gabe's grandparents and great-grandmother. Later, we had a fun evening watching Christmas Vacation!

The place cards were my contribution :)

Gabe and I flew out early Friday morning to meet my parents and brother for our cruise to the Bahamas! It was so much fun! We were first time cruisers and will definitely be back! Check out some of our pics:

Last night, we got back in town, picked up our little guy from my in laws, and got to Christmas decorating! We did everything inside except for the tree. I am hoping to do the tree tonight and then the outside this weekend!

I stumbled upon a Christmas scarf for Bentley while we were decorating....

Isn't he so cute?! ahh I love that face!

I am hoping to do some Christmas decor projects soon and get to blogging more frequently again! Life is so busy! Hope you all have a great week!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Burlap Christmas Banner

Last month I was inspired by my friend Amy, at Eat.Sleep.Decorate, when she posted her Halloween Decor. She made 2 adorable burlap banners to decorate for Fall and Halloween. One said "Fall" and then other said "Boo".

I had some left over burlap scraps from my Burlap Wreath so I decided to use them for a Christmas Banner to go across our mantle.

I started by trimming my scraps to be close in size.

I used a sharpie to write out "Merry Christmas", one letter per burlap square.

Then, I used hot glue to attach the letters to twine.

Lastly, I hung it on our mantle.

I haven't pulled out our other decorations yet so it may move if it conflicts with our stockings!

I am going to be away from blogland through Thanksgiving! We are going to be with family on Thursday and then off on a cruise to the Bahamas for a long weekend getaway with my family! I am so thankful for all of you who read along and support me! Have a great relaxing holiday with those you love! 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Handmade Gift Exchange

I am really excited to be participating in the Craftoholics Anonymous Handmade Gift Exchange! I was paired up with Kristi Von and she told me that her kitchen/dining room colors are red, black, and cream. I decided to make her a red dessert stand and cloche set.

I started by using a cheese dome that I bought a few months ago at a thrift store...

I then attached it to a wooden candle stick to make it into a pedestal...

Lastly, I painted it red and distressed it with sand paper and put a coat of modge podge on it so that it would have a nontoxic waterproof seal....

It's all boxed up to be sent to Kristi tomorrow!

I am excited to see what she made me! I will post about it when it arrives!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ornament Wreath

Yesterday I had the privilege of spending the entire day with my wonderful mother in law. Some may think  that this is a common occurrence since we live so close to one another but it is actually pretty rare with our busy schedules.

We went shopping and saw a beautiful ornament wreath at one shop that the owner had made to decorate her shop. She told us that all she did was hot glue ornaments to a foam wreath form. We decided to make one on our own. We went to the local Ollie's and bought the following selection of ornaments...

We stopped by Michaels for our wreath form. The straw ones were the cheapest and the best size available. We decided to cut an old sheet into strips to wrap around the straw wreath so that no straw showed behind our ornaments.

We used floral pics to secure our fabric strips...

We dumped all of the ornaments into a big basket to make it easy to grab them and glue them...

Then we started placing them on and gluing them down...

We kept gluing and gluing until we felt the wreath was full enough. We were really happy with the final outcome!

Then we tried it out on Diana's front door...
After trying it out above the mantel, we decided this was our favorite spot for it...

This was a really fun project and only took us about an hour to complete! I am so ready to start decorating for Christmas and finish making Christmas presents!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

November Craft Night- Diva Night

Last night was our November Craft Night....we spent it at Crazy Glaze's Diva Night (a local pottery painting studio that has a ladie's only evening twice a month)! We had a lot of fun a painted some pretty pieces.

Check us out...

 Mica, Allie, and Kara painted cute little bowls. I think they are the perfect size for candy :)

Erin, Kaitlin, and Sarah painted plates. Aren't they so cute and festive?!

 I painted a cute little owl....his head is actually a you can store little things in him!

I hope you all have a GREAT Friday! I am really hoping to CREATE something this weekend!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Meet Bentley

Life is SO crazy right now! I have been swamped with work projects and trips, a busy personal travel schedule, and to top it all off, we got a puppy this weekend!

We are VERY excited and happy to have this sweet little guy in our lives!

He is a 13 week old pit bull with a LOT of energy. He is very timid of the outdoors but is wide open inside. Being afraid of the outside is not helping in the potty training department. We are working hard to make it happen though! We are also crate training him so that he will be a great traveling dog one day soon!

I am really hoping to get around to crafting and creating soon! I am missing it so much! I do have some Christmas gifts that I will be making for some of my favorites! Hoping to do some tutorials soon!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Vegas Vacation

Last week Gabe and I went to Vegas for the first time. I had a conference for work and my boss was nice enough to invite the hubby to come along. Even though I was busy during the day we managed to cram in a lot in the evenings! We are definitely going back, we really enjoyed ourselves!

Check out some awesome pictures of our trip taken by our friend Bud!

Gabe and Bud went climbing at Red Rock Canyon while Sarah and I were working one day.

Gabe and I on the strip...

We made a trip to Gold and Silver Pawn, home of the PawnStars. It was AWESOME! We did not see any of the crew that is on TV but we were expecting that.

Another shot of Gabe and I....the guy on the right cracks me up.

The inside of the Cosmopolitan was really snazzy and sparkly...Sarah and I posed under some of the jewels...

We went down to Freemont Street (the old Vegas strip) and the guys ziplined down can see them flying through...

We contemplated getting married again at this adorable wedding chapel!

We went to the Venetian....where the ceilings are painted to look like the sky...

The fountain show at the Bellagio is breathtaking!

I brought my camera but somehow never used it. All of my personal shots were from my they are...

I am now in Houston for another busy work week! I hope to get some projects done this weekend and get back to sharing ideas with you soon! Have a great week!