Thursday, July 31, 2014

Deputy Graduation Party

First of all, I have been extremely MIA from the blogging world. I miss it so so much. I have been so far removed from creating and crafting, it's sad. I have a perfectly good reason though....our little boy keeps me very busy when I am not working!

We have also been busy with my husband's new work endeavors. After a long application and interview process, he was accepted into our local Sheriff Department's Academy. After 6 months, he graduated last Friday.

Here's a pic of my man at graduation with the Sheriff...

The next day we had a lunch to celebrate!  I wanted to share some pics of the party decor. It was fun to come up with relevant but simple decor. I didn't want to go too childish with the Sheriff theme but I still wanted some relevant decor to recognize his huge achievement!
The front door simply served as a welcome to our guests and showed off a pic of the Deputy as well!

The living room and dining area served as an escape from the hot outdoor seating!

Our deck showed off the hubby's "Most Physically Fit" award! My mom found some sheriff hats in the Target Dollar Spot section, they were used repeatedly throughout the party with gray bandannas.

We had a self serve sno-cone station set up as a dessert option to help you cool down.

The patio was set up as usual with the addition of a fan to get a breeze going.

Behind the patio we had a tent with a table for seating under it.

We also had a buffet under the tent where we served BBQ and Fried chicken with yummy sides!

Past the tent we had drink stations.

We had a really good time! I had a lot of help hosting from my parents! I was so thankful they were there, I would not have pulled it off without them.