Sunday, September 23, 2012

Before and After: Cheese Dome/Cracker Tray

In August, while we were on our vacation, I found an old cheese dome (cloche) with a built in cracker tray. I was not a huge fan of the way it looked but I knew it wouldn't take much to transform it!

This is the before:

And here it is after:

I painted the wooden cracker tray gray and distressed it. I painted the center with chalkboard paint and I left the cloche "as is".

I can't wait to use it for crackers and cheese soon!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

DIY Fall Dish Towel

I have been working on some additional Fall decor this week and I decided to hand paint a dish towel to add some Fall color to the kithen! 

What you need:
  • Dish towel (mine is a flour sack cloth from Wal-Mart. They sell them in packs of 5 for around $5!)
  • Paints- I used Martha Stewart's multi-surface paints
  • Paint brushs
  • Stencil of a tree

1) I used my Silhouette to cut a tree design onto cardstock. You could also purchase a stencil at a craft supply store.

2) I used that cut out as a stencil and painted the trunk and leaves different fall colors.

3) Once the towel was ready to be hung up in the kitchen! (it could really use an ironing...but I skipped that step!)

I actually made two (one for me and one as a gift!)....they are close to identical, just a different trunk color...

I really love it! It was so simple and adds just the right amount of "fall" in the kitchen!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Buffet

Yesterday evening I started pulling out my Fall decorations. I focused most of my energy on our dining area buffet. I used a lot of the same things I used last Fall, which made for an easy set up.

I added a burlap pennant banner over the buffet this year.

I used the same process to make this banner that I used when I made my Celebrate banner. I used my Silhouette to cut out the letters onto paper and then used the paper as a stencil to paint the letters onto the burlap.

I am so excited about Fall and can't wait to decorate more soon!

Monday, September 10, 2012

DIY Diaper Cake

My dear friend Sarah is expecting her first child and we just threw her a baby shower. We had so much fun making and prepping stuff for her shower!

My friend, Allie, and I made a diaper cake for the shower together.

  • 50-60 diapers (we used size 1)
  • Rubber bands- one per diaper and large ones for each layer of diapers
  • Tray for the base of the cake
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Bottle for the center of the cake
  • Decorative elements for the top of the cake (we used little sheriff booties!)
1. Start by rolling each diaper up and wrapping a small rubber band around it

2. Once all diapers are rolled, start on the base layer by surrounding the bottle with diapers. Secure this layer with a large rubber band.

 3. Continue building the base by adding two additional layers, each secured by another rubber band. This process was simple because there were 2 of us. one holding the layers in place and the other adding the rubber band. I don't think it would've been as smooth all alone!

4. Once the base layer is complete, start the second tier by surrounding the top of the bottle with diapers and secure it with a rubber band.

5. Add one more layer around the first layer of the top tier.

6. Add ribbon around each tier to cover the rubber bands and to add color. We used hot glue to secure the start and end point of the ribbons.

7. Add any other additional decorative elements and you are finished!

This was so easy! I will definitely be making more in the future!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lil' Cowboy Shower

This morning I had the pleasure of co-hosting a precious baby shower for one of my best friends, Sarah. I wanted to share some pictures from the shower with you today! We purchased invitations and a party pack from an awesome etsy shop called Meghilys.

Enjoy the pics! I will be writing a tutorial on the diaper cake soon!

One of my favorite parts of the decor was the first thing the guests saw outside on the sidewalk....Sarah's mom came up with this adorable idea!

We also had an outdoor photo booth with this "WANTED" sign. I made mustaches for the guests to use as a fun prop.

Sarah's mom also made adorable signs for the food....each with a fun cowboy title.

The diaper cake was the centerpiece of the food table. Allie and I made it! Tutorial coming soon!

We used bandanas to decorate as well. I made this burlap sign with the baby's name to be used in his nursery after the shower.

Here is a shot of the living room decor. I love the cowboy banner with the fun western clothes and cowboy boots above!

For dessert, we had funfetti and pumpkin cowboy cupcakes!

We had such a great time with all of the wonderful guests! Congrats Sarah! Can't wait to meet Ryder!