Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DIY Spring Yarn Wreath!

Here is tutorial #3 from my weekend projects! I have been wanting a wreath to hang inside of our house for a while. I looked at different ones on Etsy (I was really tempted by the one I showed in this post!) but decided to make one instead!

Supplies Needed: Wreath Form (I used a straw one but any other kind would do), Yarn, Glue Gun and Glue sticks, Fabric for flower embellishments, and buttons

I used a straw wreath and left it in the plastic wrap to make it easy for wrapping in yarn. I bought a large skein of yarn (over 350 yards). If you buy a smaller skein (the 180 yd ones) you will need two of them to wrap the whole wreath.

I started by wrapping the yarn around once and secured it with a knot. You could also glue it to secure it further.

Then comes the fun part (hint of sarcasm here), the wrapping of the wreath! This is a loooong process. At first I was being picky and making sure the yarn never overlapped, but then I thought, what the heck, it's my wreath, who cares if it's a little messy! I sat in the driveway and watched my hubby shoot hoops to occupy the time.

And finally, a little over an hour later, the whole wreath is wrapped! If you want a real clean look you may want to wrap it two times to make sure there are no gaps.

Next, I worked on my fabric flowers. I saw these burlap flowers on one of my favorite blogs, Tatertots and Jello, where Jen covered an entire wreath in these babies! I followed her tutorial to make mine.

They are SO EASY to make! I used two different shades of burlap fabrics and cut different sized circles. I then layered the different sizes and put a button as the flower center. I sewed a few of them together first and then decided to switch to glue because, let's face it, it's faster....and I am anything but patient!

I then used some brown ribbon that I had lying around to hang it on our door!

I am in LOVE with it! My intention was to use this just for Spring but it goes so well with our decor I may leave it up longer! I am making fabric flowers now for Blair's wreath, she using a salmon colored yarn, so excited to see hers! The flowers are so simple, easy, and cute! I find myself looking for other things to attach them to!


  1. This is fantastic! I'm a fan for sure...found you at Liz Marie Blog today...congrats!

  2. These are adoreable, and I loved your napkin folded pillow cases. Beautiful work. Thank you!