Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Loftin's Adventure Nursery

Loftin went without a nursery for the first month of his life, because we were moving and he was sleeping in our room anyways. I really felt like we hadn't prepared a place for him, and it made my momma heart hurt. Once we got settled in to our new house, when he was a month old, I was so excited to get his nursery together!

For the theme, we went with all things adventure....teepee, woodland creatures, and travel. It was a really fun theme to shop for and create. I've compiled some pictures to show you his cozy nursery!
I cut some navy vinyl for his name and a little teepee for his door.

This is the back wall that you see when you walk in the room.

His dresser doubles as a changing table. The art above are gifts from my mom and my sister!

The cute little caddy is a gift from my brother! It holds some essentials while other supplies are in the dresser drawers.
A close up-- The L was a gift from my cousin, Rachel!

This rocker is the same rocker from Noah's bursery with some woodland pillows I bought from another mom on FB.

The art above the chair: Hoops stitched by me, and an arrow painted by my friend, Erin!

This adorable teepee has already been a great option for big brother while I feed Loftin. The teepee was a Costco find, and a birthday gift to Noah from my parents.
Here he is tonight, reading away while I nurse!

Loftin's Crib

Map over crib is from Urban Outfitters

Cozy quilt in teepee was a gift from my mom. Globe pillow from HomeGoods.
Animals were gifts from my mom and cousin Rachel!

Little side table with some custom pieces by my cousin Rachel, from her Potumus and Peepers creations!
The moose was my nanny's and the monkey is his piggy bank from my Memaw.

He already likes sitting and "reading" in his teepee!

He's so big! Almost 7 months old!

As you can see, so much of this room came together because of lovely gifts from friends and family! We have had so much fun putting it altogether. Special thanks to my bestie, Taylor, who came into town and helped me get things up on the walls finally!

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