Thursday, September 22, 2016

Frugal Fall Fun!

Life with children is expensive….so much more so than I ever imagined! It definitely explains the old adage “if you want til you are ready for kids, you will never have them!” With the costs of simply raising them, comes the cost of all the fun things you hope to do with them! This time of year brings so many festive and exciting things that I am so thrilled to help my children enjoy. If you aren’t careful, you can spend a lot just trying to spend time together as a family.

This fall, we are aiming to do fun things as a family without blowing our budget! Since we are new to our area, I decided to do some digging to see what events are around here that are frugal and fun. My in laws came to visit last weekend and we wanted to take them somewhere fun. I found a local apple festival online and knew it would be perfect!

Since my in laws spoil us, we got off pretty cheap with this outing anyways, BUT it was still extremely affordable if we had paid our own way. Admission was FREE, and we packed some snacks to keep Noah full and happy.

It was the perfect atmosphere to stroll around, enjoy the beautiful scenery, take in the early autumn smells, and listen to the bands play. While there was plenty to spend our money on, we limited ourselves to a bag of apples that would last longer than just the few hours we were there.

There was also a small petting zoo! Admission was free but you had to purchase food to feed them, which was $2.

We were also lucky to stumble upon a booth with cheap face painting and balloon animals. This gave our little guy something to tote around and we were good to go!

I hope you never let your budget dictate how you enjoy your time with your family! Not every outing has to be pricey! To help us manage our budget, I just started using Personal Capital’s free financing software. With their app, I can check our budget before we make any purchases while we are out and about.

Happy Fall!

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